Mr. Danny Shumaker - Animal Control Officer

Mr. Maurice Jones - Assistant Animal Control Officer


The Animal Control Officers (ACO's) are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
To reach an ACO during these hours, please call (434) 969-4242.

The ACO's are on call for EMERGENCIES ONLY all other times. 
An emergency consists of animals destroying property, attacking humans or other companion animals, and other severe, life-threatening circumstances. 
To contact an ACO after regular working hours, contact the Buckingham County Sheriff's Office at (434) 969-1772, and a dispatcher will contact the ACO on duty.  

Please note, ACO officers only respond to domestic animal calls.
Should you have encounters or questions about wild game, contact the Sheriff's Office at (434) 969-1772 and a dispatcher will get you in touch with a game warden.  




Our Location/Facility

The Buckingham County Administration Building is located on US Route 60 approximately 2/10 (two-tenths) of a mile east of the Buckingham County Courthouse.  The Buckingham County Health Department and the Buckingham Department of Social Services are also located in this building. This building houses the following Constitutional officers and county departments: County Administrator, Treasurer, Commissioner of Revenue, animal control, building inspection, zoning, utilities, recreation, solid waste, Planning Commission, and industrial development.


Board of Supervisors

Mr. Don Matthews | District 3 (Chairman)

Mr. T. Jordan Miles | District 4 (Vice-Chairman)

Mr. Dennis Davis | District 1

Mr. Donnie Bryan | District 2

Mr. Harry W. Bryant | District 5 (Chairman)

Mr. Joe Chambers | District 6

Mr. Danny R. Allen | District 7

Get in Touch

(434) 969-4242

13380 West James Anderson Hwy
Buckingham, VA 23921

Hours of Business

8:30 am -4:30 p.m.