Mrs. Rebecca S. Carter
County Administrator

Mr. Monroe Snoddy
District 1, Chairman

Mr. Danny R. Allen
District 7, Vice Chairman

Mr. Donnie Bryan
District 2

Mr. E.A. "Bill" Talbert.
District 3

Mr. John Staton
District 4

Ms. Cassandra Stish
District 5

Mr. Joe Chambers
District 6

Buckingham County Court System


Clerk of the Court

Malcolm A. Booker
13061 W. James Anderson Hwy
Buckingham, Virginia 23921
M-F, 8:30A.M. - 4:30P.M.
Phone Number
Fax Number


The Clerk of the Circuit Court is one of the five constitutional officers and is elected to an eight-year term by the registered voters of the County. The Clerk is the chief administrative officer of the Court who handles administrative matters for the court such as managing the court's docket and juries, processing all criminal files, and preparing, recording and maintaining court orders, subpoenas and pleadings.


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