Mrs. Rebecca S. Carter
County Administrator

Mr. Donnie Bryan
District 2, Chairman

Mr. Monroe Soddy
District 1, Vice Chairman

Mr. E.A. "Bill" Talbert.
District 3

Mr. John Staton
District 4

Ms. Cassandra Stish
District 5

Mr. Joe Chambers
District 6

Mr. Danny R. Allen
District 7

Buckingham County Sheriff's Department

W.G. "Billy" Kidd, Jr.




A message from the Sheriff....

It makes me very proud to have the honor and opportunity to represent the good people of Buckingham County as the chief law enforcement officer: the Sheriff of the County of Buckingham. I will use my experience brought from the law enforcement field to create and maintain a safe and fair environment for all citizens and visitors in Buckingham. If we work together to build a quality environment and a strong community for the present, our great county will be the best place to live in the country. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you; click here to contact me.



The Buckingham County Sheriff's Deptartment currently employs 29 individuals. For a listing of staff, please click HERE.


EOC After Action Report

The following link is an EOC After Action Report of the county-wide radio failure that occured on 7/29/2013. Please click HERE fior more information


HSI Victim Notification Program

Homeland Security Investigations is administering a Victim Notification Program which allows eligible victims and witnesses to obtain information regarding a criminal alien's release from custody. For more information on this program please go to



Contact Information

To contact the Sheriff's Office, dial (434) 969-1772

To leave an anonymous tip, please call (434) 969-4800