Mrs. Rebecca S. Carter
County Administrator

Mr. Donnie Bryan
District 2, Chairman

Mr. Monroe Soddy
District 1, Vice Chairman

Mr. E.A. "Bill" Talbert.
District 3

Mr. John Staton
District 4

Ms. Cassandra Stish
District 5

Mr. Joe Chambers
District 6

Mr. Danny R. Allen
District 7

Buckingham County Animal Control

Danny Shumaker

Animal Control Officer


Maurice Jones

Assistant Animal Control Officer




The Animal Control Officers (ACO's) are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. To reach an ACO during these hours, please call (434) 969-4242. Please note, ACO officers only respond to domestic animal calls. Should you have encounters or questions about wild game, contact the Sheriff's Office at (434) 969-1772 and a dispatcher will get you in touch with a game warden.  

The ACO's are on call for EMERGENCIES ONLY all other times;  An emergency consists of animals destroying property, attacking humans or other companion animals, and other severe, life-threatening circumstances.  To contact an ACO after regular working hours, contact the Buckingham County Sheriff's Office at (434) 969-1772, and a dispatcher will contact the ACO on duty.